Rave Reviews

Liam presented “Bringing Home the Exile: Transforming and Being Transformed through Welcome” to our June 2016 Interfaith WS Conversations meeting. Liam’s careful planning for presenting such a delicate topic was professionally created for this people-oriented group. His skills as a previous mental health counselor enabled a group of 40 individuals to experience a safe space to ask questions about the trans population. Liam’s presentation was delivered in an effective format that helped to open the eyes of NON-trans people to learn and understand the lives of trans persons. One attendee shared that she was “still in awe of the experience!”

It is a MUST experiential learning session for anyone who wants to learn about the trans population in order to become stewards of a more integrated society, which will benefit ALL individuals. I look forward attending his next presentation.

– Drea Parker, Chairperson for Interfaith Winston-Salem


I heartily recommend Liam Hooper’s excellent offerings for the nourishment of souls, including those comprising and befriending LGBTQ communities.  Li’s style is inviting, aware, and piercing.

“Piercing” gets at an often deliciously mischievous way Li’s work subverts the status quo, without apology.  Li’s accessible, honest investigating creatively addresses multiple layers of cultural narrative.  In the process, a drama unfolds where it gets really real on a live stage, informed by Li’s well-honed hermeneutic.  Listening for Spirit, Li weaves together a stout, “intertextual” word from God.  

Li’s lens is crafted by placing scriptural text alongside compelling narrative texts of human suffering, where he relates his experience and that of those whose walk he accompanies.  From the ensuing “intertextual” dialogue, expect no less than soul-searching struggle born of raw pain, relentless desire for faith-ing with integrity, encouragement for the journey, and celebration.

-Bill Allen, church musician/advocate of art in worship, Parkway United Church of Christ