“Our lives are lived stories–intersecting, layered, interdependent, multidimensional, interconnected, inter-influential, formative, and transformative.”

~Liam Hooper


Making these aspects of our lived experience recognizable and accessible to people is the core of Liam Hooper’s mission, which he attempts to do from the perspectives of radical love and justice. Reverend Liam M. Hooper, M.Div., is a gender theorist, theologian and theological activist, trans activist-advocate, educator, intersectional justice-worker, and pastor. He believes strongly in the power of stories to speak above the noise and chatter of our differences to create deeper appreciation of our particularity that enriches all of our lives. Liam is available to provide a wide range of lectures/seminars and workshops on topics related to our human experience: Sex/Sexuality and Gender Identity; Gender Identity, Sexuality, and Faith Reconciliation, Trans and LGBTQ Justice/Equality Issues; Identity Formation and Identity as Calling; and more. He is also available to speak with churches and interfaith groups, as well as private and civic groups. No march, rally, or event is too small to spread the word of radical justice for all persons.

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  1. Morning Rev. Hooper. We met last night at the TAIF outreach. So glad that we had a chance to talk. Sorry, I’m not much for FB. I’m also not sure how else to connect with you. Under the website listing below I’ve put in the link to the paper that we recently published. I look forward to speaking with you further. Let me know what ideas you have about reaching out to our students. In the past I’ve been able to find a bit of funding to have my students host testing events. These days, unfortunately dollars are too short for such events. I am teaching sex & gender next semester. We might think about having this class sponsor a talk as a way of initiating the conversation on campus. The best way to reach me is through my email address below.

    PS: Congrads on your new degree!


  2. Hello Liam Hooper, I spoke to your wife on Facebook and she gave me your email site address, my name is Roni Keener and an a transgender female President of a transgender organization that represents all transgender individuals and community, that we sponsor and HEAD events to involve the transgender community and their families….We also have a Facebook group called Transgender Equality For Life Event Calendar Group….this is where we post our events that we sponsor and hold….I love what you do for the community I applaud you and thank you….sincerely Roni president of Transgender Coalition LLC.


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