“We are born, first, within the great Divine Imaginary, the grove-ground of being where all the distinctiveness and vitality of life originates and comes into existence—a vision of continual unfolding; seeded in freedom to become, rooted in diverse particularity bursting forth through us in curious and complex living landscapes; manifested in bodies burgeoning with selfhood, longing to be expressed and actualized.”
~Liam Hooper


Photo by Beatriz Harry, Winston Salem Portrait Project

Liam M. Hooper, M.Div., is an author, gender theorist, theological activist, trans activist-advocate, educator, podcaster, public-speaker, and co-curator of courageous conversations.

Liam is available—and works widely—as a speaker, workshop/seminar facilitator, and participant co-creator of learning communities, small and large.


Liam is a 2020-2022 Fellow of the William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations

Liam is a community participant in the Winston-Salem Portrait Project

On occasion, Liam’s spouse, Diana, and Dodi, the family terrier, travel with him—especially, when doing this work involves going to new and interesting places.

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