“Our lives are lived stories–intersecting, layered, interdependent, multidimensional, interconnected, inter-influential, formative, and transformative.”

~Liam Hooper


In Good Company (2)Making these aspects of our lived experience recognizable and accessible to people is the core of Liam mission, which he attempts to do from the perspectives of radical love and justice. Liam M. Hooper, M.Div., is a gender theorist, theologian and theological activist, trans activist-advocate, educator, intersectional justice-worker, and public-speaker. He believes strongly in the power of stories to speak above the noise and chatter of our differences to create deeper appreciation of human particularity and relationality that enriches all of our lives. Liam is available to provide a wide range of lectures/seminars and workshops on topics related to our human experience: Sex/Sexuality and Gender Identity; Gender Identity, Sexuality, and Faith Reconciliation, Trans and LGBTQ Justice/Equality Issues; Identity Formation and Identity as Calling; and more. He is also available to speak with churches and interfaith groups, as well as private and civic groups. No march, rally, or event is too small to spread the word of radical justice for all persons.

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