GRASP LOGO 4Reverend Liam M. Hooper, M.Div., is the founder of GRASP (Gender Revisioning and Sexuality Pathways), which aims to improve the lives of trans people in the community through public education, advocacy, activism, and general support activities. As an openly trans man, Li takes seriously the call to freely tell his story, to be as authentically who he is as possible, to engage in responsible education and advocacy, and to hear and respect the stories of others. Through advocacy work, awareness-raising, social justice work, education, and theological activism, Li strives to work for greater safety, freedom, and acceptance for trans people and all of us in the vast, diverse continuum of persons.

11986952_540468499440289_5452675548578063095_nAs a previous mental health counselor, program developer, and professional trainer, Li is keenly attentive to, and concerned about, the multidimensional factors affecting individual persons (trans individuals primarily, as well as all of us) as we seek freedom to be, achieve self-determination and personal flourishing, and gain full participation as persons in a more just, humane, and peaceful world. Li has developed a skill-based model for coping, increasing stress management competency, self-affirmation, and self-acceptance, which he presents to interested groups. In addition, as a person of faith (Master’s in Divinity, Wake Forest University School of Divinity; ordained minister within the United Church of Christ), Li also engages in reconciliation work with trans and LGBQ persons who have been alienated from, and hurt by, faith traditions. He provides education and engages in consultation with churches and faith groups seeking to be more accepting and accommodating of LGBTQ people.

Li is motivated by an abiding awareness of the intersecting layers of discrimination, disenfranchisement, and oppression affecting trans and LGBQ persons, and therefore engages in all manner of justice work, activism, rabble-rousing, and bell-ringing for the benefit of us all.

Liam Hooper lives in the deep south with his wife, Diana, a freelance publishing professional who keeps his calendar in line, and their teenage son, who keeps them on their toes.

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