Liam M. Hooper, M.Div., is a gender theorist, a theological activist, writer, podcaster, consultant, educator and participant-learner interested in cofacilitating learning communities. To these endeavors, he brings decades of lived experience, training, and a heart for a relational, connective practice, curiosity, honesty, and willingness to stay in the conversation. 

Previously, Liam was trained and worked for over two decades as a mental health counselor and clinician, program developer, and staff developer-trainer. Liam’s monthly podcast, the Bible Bash Podcast—with previous co-host, Peterson Toscano, and current co-host, Don Durham—is available on various forums. 

In his daily life, he is endlessly seeking evidence the world is, indeed, built on hesed. He enjoys reading, woodworking, gardening, drawing and sculpting, and taking walks with his spouse. Liam refuses to give up on his long-held desire to learn to play the mandolin and the guitar. When he is not writing or rabble-rousing, he can be found wandering the natural world or other local hideaways, alone, or communing with his friends and family.

Liam lives in the south with his wife, Diana, a freelance publishing professional who helps keep his calendar in line and reminds him to laugh and play. Diana and Liam are adjusting to their son being away at college and home in the summers, which keeps them on their toes. They strive to tend the gardens around the yard and take plenty of walks with their dog, Dodi.

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