Programs and Services


Liam is available to speak about his own story as a gender-transcendent person, and to hear and share the stories of others in order to create greater awareness of our general humanity and increase understanding and acceptance of trans people. In this regard, Liam is also available to speak with churches and interfaith groups, as well as to private and civic groups. Contact him for church education, conference panels or workshops, plenary sessions, keynote speeches, rally speeches, and more.


Liam offers a wide range of lecture/seminars and workshops on topics relating to our human experience: Sex/Sexuality and Gender Identity; Gender Identity, Sexuality and Faith Reconciliation; Trans and BQLG Justice/Equality issues; Intersectional Power and Decolonization; Identity Formation and Identity as Calling (which includes Gender Identity). Presentations can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs.


IMT is a coping skills model that Liam has developed and teaches. In its simple form, the model teaches sound methods and skills for stress management, efficacy in coping, general life management, personal nurture and care-taking. IMT is designed to increase personal competence and greater overall mental and emotional health. In its expanded form, specific skill sets and practices are provided, which can deepen one’s sense of spiritual connectedness, enhance prayer and meditation, and promote growth and development. Groups can choose which version best suits their needs.

Contact Liam Hooper today for your next class or event

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